Magnus Broo – trumpet


Magnus Broo is one of those musicians whose playing undoubtedly stems from an inner necessity and who is constantly driven to express himselfas directly as possible. His melodic imagination, the width of his sound and the depth of his emotional expression can best be summed up in a gospel: “Swedish jazz is feeling great!”

Since the early 1990s, Magnus Broo has been the favorite of fans, critics and musicians. But his internationally acclaimed and long awaited debut CD “Sudden Joy” only appeared in 1999. In the follow-ups “Levitation” and “Sugarpromise” he shows that the surprising heat and intensity have in no way faded.

But then Magnus Broo also has a rich and varied musical career to scoop from. He was born in 1965 and grew up in Västervik (in Småland). As a teenager he was taught the trombone by Bob Henders – a man who opened his ears to jazz and finally got him to join the local big band. At a summer camp, Broo’s musical talent was spotted by the American tubaist and brass instructor Rich Matteson who persuaded him to go back to Texaswith him for further studies. He stayed there for five intensive years. Still today he is busy trying to digest all the knowledge and information he was subjected to.

When Magnus Broo went back to Sweden he played in many of the most respected Swedish jazz groups like drummer Fredrik Norén’s band (for eight years!), The Stockholm Jazz Orchestra (plus other big bands), Jazz Furniture, Radiojazzgruppen, just to name a few.

Despite being a very clever and well-trained instrumentalist, Magnus Broo has not developed a single sound or phrase that illustrates the extravagance he is capable of. Instead, he uses his ability to express his unending creativity and deep musicality. In that way he is the follower of a tradition which is just as old as jazz itself. His playing isn’t just impressive, it speaks to your heart.

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