Homage (2003)


Homage to Mel Lewis and Thad Jones

Stockholm Jazz Orchestra with Dick Oatts and Gary Smulyan

Personnel: Dick Oatts (flute, reeds, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); Johan Hörlén (flute, reeds, alto saxophone); Magnus Lindgren (flute, reeds, tenor saxophone); Karl-Martin Almqvist (clarinet, reeds, tenor saxophone); Gary Smulyan (reeds, baritone saxophone); Fredrik Norén, Gustavo Bergalli, Magnus Broo, Peter Asplund (trumpet); Magnus Svedberg, Markus Ahberg, Bertil Strandberg (trombone); Anders Wiborg (bass trombone); Göran Strandberg (piano); Jukkis Uotila (drums).

Recording information: Jazzclub Fasching, Stockholm, Sweden (03/06/2003).

Arranger: Thad Jones.
1 Tiptoe
2 Interloper
3 61st And Rich’it
4 Thank You
5 Don’t Git Sassy
6 Two As One
7 The Little Pixie


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