For further information, bookings etc, please contact Fredrik Norén

address: Kastellgatan 15, 871 33 Härnösand, Sweden


mobile:  +46-706414947

3 Responses to “Contact”
  1. Girish Trivedi says:

    Dear Fredrik:

    I just heard on the net Malin and Don’t drop the bop featuring Gustavo Bergalli; I had never heard of Gustavo until I went through an interview of Wynton Marsalis with the Travis Smiley show where
    Marsalis mentioned Gustavo and searching him, I found Gustavo on your website.

    I would like Gustavo to know that I had not even heard of him but having heard him with your group and his Birks Works, Whats New, Its you or no one , I would like him to know that he is a great bebopper bubbling with ideas and super solos. Please pass this on to him.Thanks. Best.

    Girish Trivedi
    5 Indrayani
    61-D Warden Rd
    Mumbai 400026, India

    • Gustavo says:

      Hello Girish Triverdi!
      thank you very much for your appretiations about my playing,
      I write for you here, my email address, so you can write to me and in this way we´ll be in contact with eachother.. I hope that you are fine and hoppefully we´ll be in touch soon! A real pleasure to be in contact with you! Sincerly Gustavo.

      • Girish Trivedi says:

        Hi Gustavo,

        Great to hear from you but I did not see your personal e-mail address in your note and I
        do not even know to which address I am writing this.

        I am a 1935er and have been listening to Jazz for close on 60 years and have many trumpet
        favorits such as Art Farmer, Clifford Brown, Fats Navarro, Howard McGhee, Blue Mitchell,
        Jon Faddis, (the present one of Tiranga), Kenny Dorham, Bill Coleman, Gustavo, Chet
        Baker, Diz, the Canndoli brothers and many others and of course, LOUIS ARMSTRONG,
        Doc Cheatham and Eldridge and Shavers. Also Joe Wilder who passed on some weeks ago

        I was very fortunate to hear Rolf Ericson when Ellington visited Mumbai decades ago on a state dept. tour; after the show Rolf was very kind to speak to a very few of us till early hours
        of the morning.

        There is no Jazz here; its all rock and stuff; rarely, some American Jazz Musicians on a far
        east circuit drop by for a day or two.

        Stay well and keep in touch.


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